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Pour accompagner vos abonnements aux ressources documentaires et services, Techniques de l'Ingénieur vous offre les dossiers spéciaux de la rédaction sur des sujets variés, à télécharger gratuitement.

Media kit Webinar

Publié en janvier 2021

Do you want to acquire qualified leads through prestigious communication?

The Web Conference offer is a live video on the theme of your choice. Co-presented with your expert, it will be viewed by a qualified audience of engineers, directors and technicians.

Techniques de l’Ingénieur will take care of everything!
Communication, organization, animation (surveys and questions / answers), reports, video editing and diffusion.

What is your content about?
Online demonstration of your software, case study on the benefits of your innovation, or debate… Whatever the topic you choose, you will immediately obtain significant results to measure your investment.

Download our media kit to get all the details of our three offers;
« full package » or « live package » for a complete communication service, or « replay package » to increase visibility and efficiency of your recorded webinar.

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